Thank you for taking interest in Innovated Energy Controls! We are a full service electrical contractor supply services in the commercial and industrial industry. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to illustrate samples of our business capabilities in which we invite you to explore.

The fact that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to research our company demonstrates the pride and dedication that you have towards your project. We are confident that through your exploration you will find our staff is just as dedicated to our customers as we are to our work. We at IEC welcome your inquiries and look forward to “shedding light on your electrical needs”.

Innovated Energy Controls was formed in 1998 by Lance V. Knupp. Since then, IEC has expanded our operation from only two employees to nearly 50 with no signs of slowing down. Over the last two decades we have learned that the size of our shop is ideal for the owner and for our customers. With a staff this size we are able to accommodate large jobs, while maintaining an owner/customer relationship on every project.

You can contact the owner directly with any questions. You will never be a purchase order number on our wall!

Here at Innovated Energy Controls, no job is too big or too small; we take pride in them all! Below is a list of completed projects that we are particularly proud of:

  • Several large U of M projects including- BSB, Munger Hall, BSRB, BME, Thayer, CSE, CVC, and the Ambulatory Center.
  • We have also completed projects at the Metro Airport, Accident Fund Lansing, Mi, Toyota Tech Center, Michigan Motion Studios, Greektown Casino, Hyundai R&D, Ford Auto Alliance, Nissan, 5 Pfizer buildings, and at DMC.

These projects represent only a small portion of what we are capable of accomplishing. Along with the completion of these projects came the satisfaction of finishing with no problems and/or green inspection stickers.

Once again, we would like to personally thank you for taking time to inquire about Innovated Energy Controls and for allowing us to “shed light on your project”!


Lance V. Knupp